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Tammuz- Planting for the Future

Tammuz 5777- August 2017

As Jewish community professionals and educators, we tend to be focused on the future. We plan programmes that will have impact in the future, we teach our young people so that they will take over from us when they grow up, and we think about what might be next. If we are lucky we see some results immediately, but often the most important results will be further off in the future, and we may never see them.

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Shavuot – Ruth and Jewish Peoplehood

Sivan 5777- June 2017

Last month we focused on the holiday of Shavuot, which falls on the 6th and 7th Sivan (this year, 31st May-1st June), and discussed the idea that within the Torah (which, traditionally, we celebrate receiving on Shavuot) are always multiple opinions and approaches, which we call machloket.

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Iyar – Countdown to Torah

Iyar 5777 - May 2017

Welcome to the month of Iyar! After all the excitement of Pesach, Iyar is traditionally a month of transitions; it is a month of counting. During Iyar we literally count our way through the period known as the Omer, marking the 49 days from the Exodus from Egypt to the Giving of the Torah. Every evening we say a blessing and declare which day we have reached. For more information on Counting the Omer and its meanings, see the resources below.

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Nisan 5777: Happiness, Pesach and Jewish Life

Nisan 5777 - April 2017

It’s Spring! This means that Pesach (Passover) is just around the corner! One of the names for Pesach is “Chag HaAviv”, “The Festival of Spring” and it makes sense that we celebrate our rebirth as a free nation at the same time as we experience rebirth in the natural world (at least in the northern hemisphere).

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Adar 5777: The Power of Telling Jewish Stories

Adar 5777 - March 2017

Welcome to the month of Adar and one of the busiest and most exciting periods of the Jewish year. Not only will be celebrating Purim soon (this year on March 12th), with all the food, noisy celebration and partying that goes with that holiday, but as soon as it is over we will have Passover (Pesach) – just four more weeks after that. And that brings lots of action – cleaning, learning, and preparing for the Seder and more.

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Shevat: The promise of Spring...

Shevat 5777 - February 2017

Chodesh Tov! Even in the depths of winter, there is the promise of Spring. According to one opinion in Jewish tradition, we celebrate the New Year for the Trees – Tu B’shevat – on the 15th day of Shevat because that is when, deep inside the trees, the new life begins.

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Tevet: New Years and New Resolutions

Tevet 5777 – January 2017

Winter is… here. We have arrived at the darkest part of the year, and the Chanukah candles have burnt brightly, illuminating the darkness. Welcome to the month of Tevet, and the year 2017. Happy New Year!

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Kislev: Chanukah

Kislev 5777 – December 2016

For Kislev we offer you a brand new podcast, “Chanukah: The Tofu of Jewish Holidays – the multiple meanings of the festival” by Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, with suggestions for how to use the ideas in your work.

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Cheshvan : A time of transition

Cheshvan 5777 – November 2016

One of the things we most appreciate about the Jewish calendar is the way that the cycle of the holidays captures and drives our energy on a collective and individual level. Over the course of the year the calendar creates a flow of reflection, celebration, mourning and renewal.

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