Being an Employer in 2020 & Beyond

Tuesday 28 July 2020, 11:00 – 12:15 CEST, With Trainer Melanie Sobell Zaken

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Are you experiencing staffing and restructuring challenges in your team or organization related to Covid-19?

Join HR Director, organizational consultant and career coach Melanie Sobell Zaken in a training webinar to look at some of the questions regarding staffing models that organizations could be looking at in the current reality. What options can employers provide for their employees, while saving precious resources and still getting the job done?

We’ll have an opportunity to think through some of the HR challenges that Covid is presenting us with, and to take a look together at some of the issues that are being faced by organizations across the globe.

This webinar is for Jewish community professionals living and working in Europe/UK who have a human resources / staffing responsibility.

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The webinar will take place on Tuesday 28 July, 11:00 – 12:15 CEST. Zoom doors open from 10:45 for pre-webinar meet up and coffee break.

To register click here. The registration form includes a few short confidential questions to help focus the training for those participating. If you would like to give longer answers or have a conversation with Yesod, please email

Once your registration has been approved, you will be sent a Zoom link for the sessions. We encourage you to add this to your calendar. Please be in touch with us at with any questions.

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Melanie Sobell Zaken

Mel is currently JDC’s HR Director for Europe, Africa and Asia and for GRID, JDC’s non-sectarian program. Melanie has worked for JDC (the Joint) for the past 20 years in a variety of roles, and prior to that worked in Jewish education in the UK, Israel and the US.  She is a trained organizational consultant and recently qualified as a career coach.

Following her BA at Cambridge University and two years’ work in the UK Jewish community, Melanie made aliya in 1989.  She has an MA in Contemporary Jewry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Mel is married to Benny, their son Yali is 16, and they live in Jerusalem.

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