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Serving Individuals, Strengthening Communities:

Learning From Yesod’s First Three Years

As part of its development, Yesod engaged the consulting firm Weisblatt & Associés to evaluate its impact so far. The objectives of this quantitative and qualitative research were two-fold. First, to understand the extent to which engaging in Yesod activities has impacted alumni individually. Secondly, to assess what influence engagement has on participants’ work within their organisation and the broader community.


  • Participants experience high levels of satisfaction in relation to their Yesod experience. It improves their feeling of connection to European peers; helps develop a sense of Jewish purpose as a Jewish community professional or educator; and increases their professional skills and their ability to make change.
  • Participants identify professional resources and new opportunities for development through engagement with Yesod and feel overall that the organisation is very good at strengthening their links with the wider European Jewish professional community.
  • Non-participant stakeholders lauded Yesod’s tailor-made programming and initiatives; Yesod is fulfilling a need.