FAQs – Kaplan Fellows @Yesod – Cohort II

What is Yesod?

Yesod is a collaborative initiative dedicated to strengthening the future of Jewish Europe by investing in key individual Jewish community professionals, educators and activists. Yesod offers professional development and Jewish fluency (knowledge, understanding, questioning and application) opportunities including seminars, funding and online resources. For more information see hereKaplan Fellows @Yesod is one of our flagship programmes.


What is the Kaplan Leadership Initiative?

The Kaplan Leadership Initiative is an international professional development programme that equips young Jewish professional leaders from the Former Soviet Union, Europe and Latin America with the knowledge, skills and support they need to build, strengthen and grow their own Jewish communities. The Kaplan Leadership Initiative was launched to give talented and promising Jewish professional leaders the tools they need to march their communities into the future.
Each Kaplan Leadership Initiative cohort consists of regional programmes, run in the Former Soviet Union, Europe and Latin America. Each regional programme includes three regional gatherings, each focusing on a major theme in leadership while integrating Jewish content and exploring the vibrant Jewish life of each region.

In addition, all regional groups gather for a week-long seminar at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago, United States, where fellows will network, share experiences and strengthen global Jewish leadership identity.


Who are the Kaplan Fellows @Yesod?

The European Kaplan Fellows are a select group of 16 talented and motivated Jewish community professionals. We deliberately choose participants from different countries, with different backgrounds and experiences, and we ask everyone to bring themselves fully to the experience.

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Previous Fellows have said:

It’s not a job but a mission, it’s my life, my community!”


I feel re-motivated by the programme. It gave me the opportunity to distance myself and think again about my work, what I do and what I want to do, to see again that it is very important and that this is what I really want to do in my life.”

I feel stronger and with a new motivation to improve my job, my organization, my community and my surroundings in general. I feel that my passion now can give energy to the people around me.”

How much does it cost to participate?

Kaplan Fellows @Yesod is funded by the Kaplan Leadership Initiative.

The following costs are covered by the Kaplan Leadership Initiative:


The following costs are not covered by the Kaplan Leadership Initiative:

In addition we believe that participants should demonstrate commitment with some meaningful financial contribution. Therefore, European participants (or their organizations) are asked to pay a total of 400 Euros, reflecting 100 euros per seminar.


What will I get out of the programme?

More than you can imagine!

Here are just a few of the things we believe you will take away:



If I am a Jewish community activist but don’t have a full-time job, can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. The Kaplan Fellows @Yesod is designed for full-time Jewish community professionals.


If my English is not fluent, can I participate?

The programme is conducted wholly in English and requires a good level of understanding and communication. As part of the application process we will assess your level of English.


How can I convince my boss that I should do this programme?

We know this programme of professional development will not only benefit you personally, but also your organization. We want to help you make the case to your supervisors that it is time well spent and it is in their interest to support your application. See the question above about what you will get out of the programme, and use it to explain to your boss that your time in this programme will be worthwhile. We are happy to help you with this – just ask!


How do I apply?

If you think you belong in the next cohort of Kaplan Fellows @Yesod, please check the dates, ensure that you have support from your supervisor, arrange for two recommendations and click here.