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Next deadline: 31 January 2021 and then every two months (see dates below)

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Yesod believes that Jewish community professionals, and freelance Jewish educators, who are skilled, connected, valued and are inspired by Jewish values will have the greatest potential for impact. Yesod wants to help you develop the confidence and ability to use Jewish language and values in your everyday work. We want to support you in expressing a clear Jewish purpose in your community role, as well as developing and supporting excellent Jewish educators in European communities. To achieve these goals, Yesod is committed to increasing access to Jewish learning opportunities.

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This process begins with a Jewish Learning Consultation, a conversation (of approximately 30 minutes) with Daniel Rose, Director of Educational Programming. The aim of this conversation is to get to know you as a Jewish community professional and/or Jewish educator, to understand the role Jewish learning plays in your personal and professional life, to identify your Jewish learning needs and how Yesod might help you address them. If you manage a team, we will also be happy to help you think through development needs and next steps for team members.

Following a Jewish Learning Consultation, possible outcomes include:

To arrange a Jewish Learning Consultation, complete the online form here and we will be in touch in the coming days.

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Scope of Support

One outcome from your Jewish Learning Consultation may be an application to the Jewish Learning Fund. This fund allocates financial support for Jewish learning opportunities. Funds from $250-$2,000 (US Dollars) may be awarded on a one-time basis for applications from eligible individuals and will be paid directly to the organization, instructor or coach providing the Jewish learning and instruction. Money will not be paid directly to the applicant.

You can apply for funds in the following categories:

N.B. Support for physical travel between countries is currently on hold due to Covid-19. We will update the website when the situation changes.

For skills development support through coaching or training courses that are not related to Jewish learning, please visit our Professional Development Fund for more details and to arrange a consultation

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Funds will be awarded to Jewish community professionals and freelance educators who:

Funds will not be granted for learning opportunities that have already taken place or for those that are already supported in other ways by Yesod’s partner organisations.

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Deadlines are as follows. Applicants will be contacted with a decision approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline.

Please note: As part of our decision-making process, Yesod’s Director of Educational Programming will be in touch to schedule a conversation to discuss your application in more detail and to ask additional questions.

31 January 2021 / 31 March 2021 / 31 May 2021 / 31 July 2021 / 30 September 2021 / 30 November 2021

Read the guidelines carefully and ensure that you are eligible.

Apply using the online application form.

Within 30 days of completing the professional development opportunity you will be required to submit a short report describing the course of study, a summary of what Jewish learning you have completed, how this has impacted you directly and how this will impact your work in the future.

Payment will be made for an agreed US Dollar amount and paid in local currency via wire transfer.

For more information please contact us at

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