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Learn how to fluently and confidently call on Jewish resources to help you deliver your mission. Leading Jewishly @Yesod is a course which equips leaders to pick up any Jewish text and find content to include when speaking in public, designing strategy or growing an organisation. The course follows the popular Torah L’Am (Torah for all) model, developed by the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) and used around the world by thousands.

The course explores both new and familiar texts in the Torah through multiple different lenses. These are:

The course integrates training in how to use Sefaria – an online Jewish library with an unprecedented number of works translated into English. Students also learn the stages and principles needed to write a dvar Torah (Torah thought) and by the end of the course, are equipped to deliver one in a supportive environment of fellow leaders. A basic level of Jewish knowledge is useful but not required.

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Course Structure

The course is entirely online and uses a blend of live and self-paced study. Overall, the course requires 1-2 hours per week of participants’ time. This breaks down into:

Live online workshops will be at 13:00-14:30 CET on the following dates:

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Who should apply

The online course is open to Jewish community professionals in Europe. Places are limited and applicants in a senior or middle management position will be prioritized. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications from the Former Soviet Union outside of the Baltic states. Applicants are welcome from all Jewish backgrounds and practice, and no Jewish learning experience is necessary. Materials will be provided in English, however, for the fullest participation and learning experience a basic level of Hebrew reading is recommended. The course does not aim to make participants more religious, simply to give you access to Jewish texts to enrich and inspire your leadership.

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The course is valued at 700 Euros per person. Yesod will cover the majority of this cost, but we believe that participants’ organisations should, wherever possible, demonstrate commitment to your development with some level of financial contribution. We are therefore asking for a contribution from your employer of 70 Euros towards the training.

While this is only 10% of the cost per person, given current Covid-related financial difficulties, we would not want this to be a barrier to you taking part. If this is not affordable for your employer, please do get in touch to discuss this with us.

This highly subsidised fee includes course sessions, access to the Moodle learning platform for the course duration, a course book posted to you in an envelope packed with study resources, and two sessions of one-to-one online tutoring with a Jewish educator to help you apply your learning.

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This course brings together expertise from Lead and the London School of Jewish Studies.

Dean and Head of Adult Education –
London School of Jewish Studies

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

Lead Consultant –

Miriam Lorie

The pool of one-to-one tutors will be recruited from our network of European Jewish community professionals in response to the professional and learning needs and preferences of participants.

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Apply here

Participation is selective and we expect to have more applications than there are places available, so candidates may be interviewed as part of the selection process.

We expect to inform applications whether they have been accepted or not by approximately end of November.

Application are now closed. To talk more about Leading Jewishly and other future opportunities, please contact us.

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