Lech Lecha

To delve more into these ideas, Yesod spoke with Student Rabbi David Maxa from the Abraham Geiger College in Germany, about the ‘Lech Lecha’ journey and how it applies to Jewish community work.

In his short (15 minute) podcast David focuses on the idea of insecurity and how we can learn to deal with it using the wisdom derived from ‘Lech Lecha’. We are delighted to offer David’s podcast in both German and English.

David Maxa reflects on the notion of ‘Lech Lecha’ using the work of Stefan Zweig and his book “The World of Yesterday”, which seems to him more relevant than ever. In a world of insecurity, and in a Jewish community that is dealing with change and uncertainty, lessons derived from the concept ‘Lech Lecha’ can give us strength and inspiration, and practical help, for moving forward into uncertainty.

David suggests seven steps to consider when taking bold new steps, in Jewish community leadership and programming.


Keep these points in mind whether you are strategizing about your community, planning an event, or sitting in a sukkah contemplating your own lech lecha. Why not take your team to sit in a sukkah (if available/weather permitting!) and study our Sefaria source sheet to explore this theme in more depth.

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