The Yesod Centre for Jewish Community Professional Development (Yesod Centre) offers a range of tools to support Jewish community professionals and educators in Europe to develop their professional skills and Jewish fluency (Jewish knowledge, understanding and how to apply it in your work).

Yesod Centre seeks to support Jewish community professionals and educators, whatever the stage of your career – senior, middle, or starting out. Whether you work as a representative of a city or country-wide Jewish community, or in a Jewish Community Centre, Synagogue, Jewish welfare, cultural or educational organisation, we’re here to help.

Yesod is committed to supporting the creation of vibrant, meaningful, Jewish life through strong communities driven by inspired, engaged, and valued individuals. Yesod’s toolkit includes the four key areas of seminars, funds, fellowships and resources:

Yesod Seminars

Yesod Designing Meaningful Jewish Experiences Seminar – Yesod is delighted to be partnering with the groundbreaking M2, the Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, bringing their expertise to a seminar focused on designing and developing meaningful Jewish experiences in Europe. Join Jewish community professionals, rabbis and educators from all over Europe as we learn the theories, skills and techniques for crafting transformative educational experiences, based on Jewish values and delivered with innovative methodologies.

Yesod Retreat for Senior Professional Leaders – For senior Jewish community professionals leading a Jewish community, Jewish organisation or significant program in a European Jewish community. Join a small group of peers to explore and gain skills in addressing the Challenges of Change. 

Kaplan Fellows @Yesod Community Institute – Participants are part of the global Kaplan Leadership Initiative, an in-service model of training aimed at mid-level Jewish community professionals and educators, integrating professional development with Jewish fluency. Three European regional seminars over the course of a year are complemented by a seminar in Chicago delivered by the top level Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, together with participants from Latin America and the Former Soviet Union.

Yesod Springboard @Limmud Festival UK – This program is aimed at young adult Jewish community activists with an interest in working professionally in Jewish communities and organisations across Europe. The Yesod Springboard Shabbat program and dedicated sessions during Limmud Festival explores what it means to be part of an important and valuable profession, plus access to the diverse Limmud program and people.

Yesod JCPE @Limmud Festival UK – Let Yesod appreciate your commitment and effort as a European Jewish community professional or educator with a sponsored place at Limmud Festival UK. Take time out to be inspired and enriched by the learning and networking opportunities at Limmud.

Yesod Funds

Yesod Professional Development Fund – Choose your own path. Apply from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $2,000 US Dollars to take part in a Jewish learning course, professional skills development, a peer visit, one-to-one coaching or consulting. Applications are reviewed every 2 months.

Yesod Jewish Learning Scholarships Expand your Jewish fluency to deepen and broaden the impact of your work. Apply for financial support to join a semester or year-long Jewish study program.

Yesod Jewish Learning Scholarships: Summer Beit Midrash Programmes 2018 – Through Jewish Learning Scholarships, Yesod will support Jewish community professionals, educators and rabbis in Europe to access high level intensive summer Jewish study programs in 2018. You will expand your Jewish knowledge and skills in engaging with Jewish texts and take this back home with you to your work of Jewish educational programming in European communities.

Yesod Fellowships

JDC-Yesod Entwine Jewish Service Corps Fellow – This is a unique opportunity for one emerging young European leader to spend a year in a Jewish community, working to develop innovative community programs and outreach and gain first-hand experience specifically in the Jewish professional space.


For monthly curated Jewish content resources combined with practical tools, Yesod webinars and podcasts, as well as a range of other online materials and useful links, go to the Resources section of this website. Under the Resources section, you will also find Learning and Training Opportunities, Grants and Jobs provided by other organisations beyond Yesod.