Yesod Seminars create a space for professional development, related Jewish content and context, peer learning and connection, and understanding the value and purpose of being a European Jewish community professional or educator.


Kaplan Fellows @Yesod is a professional development opportunity for talented, creative, mid-career Jewish community professionals who want to make a difference in their communities and maximize their potential.

Over the course of a year participants join four in-person gatherings (including one with peers from Latin America and the Former Soviet Union), where they gain practical skills, confidence, Jewish inspiration and the peer network that will propel them to future leadership and meaningful contributions in their communities.

Designed for a select, diverse group of European Jewish community professionals, the programme integrates four components: community development; Jewish context and content; leadership; and management skills.


Yesod @Limmud Festival UK– Join the Yesod delegation of European Jewish community professionals and activists at Limmud UK and (re)connect to the inspiration, Jewish learning and networks that can support you!

Yesod @Limmud offers the chance to experience everything Limmud has to offer, get to know your European peers, and take part in up to 2 dedicated sessions each day designed especially for Yesod delegates only. These will focus on lessons from community building and Jewish text learning that can be applied to your work in European Jewish communities.


Yesod Retreat for Senior Professional Leaders – For senior Jewish community professionals leading a Jewish community, Jewish organisation or significant program in a European Jewish community.


Yesod Experiential Education Seminar – Yesod is delighted to be partnering with the groundbreaking M2, the Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, bringing their expertise to a seminar focused on designing and developing meaningful Jewish experiences in Europe. Join Jewish community professionals, rabbis and educators from all over Europe as we learn the theories, skills and techniques for crafting transformative educational experiences, based on Jewish values and delivered with innovative methodologies.