Kaplan Fellows @Yesod Community Institute

May 2017 - October 2018Training for European Jewish Communal Professionals

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Kaplan Fellows @Yesod Community Institute is a high-level professional development program for talented early and mid-career European Jewish community professionals and educators. The program integrates Jewish learning with community building and professional development skills training.

Participants are part of the global Kaplan Leadership Initiative. This is an in-service model of training, enabling the fellows to continue their work in their Jewish community organizations, while their real life professional experiences enrich and deepen the training for all the Kaplan Fellows.

Parallel regional seminars will take place in Latin America and the Former Soviet Union. Fellows from these regions will join their European peers at a Global Seminar during the course of the programme, delivered by the top level Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. The program’s global seminar is held at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership campus in Chicago and program graduates are awarded the Spertus Certificate in Global Jewish Leadership.

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European Seminars

Diverse participants from across Western, Central and Eastern Europe will expand their Jewish visions, strengthen their capacity to make change and enrich their own Jewish knowledge. During three five-day seminars, held this year in Jerusalem, Prague and Rome, the participants will also build strong relationships and develop new opportunities for partnerships across their varied organisations and communities.

During the program as a whole, participants will explore what it means to be a Jewish communal professional; take part in powerful Jewish learning with amazing teachers who will provide tools for how to apply this; celebrate Shavuot and Tikkun Leyl in Jerusalem; and receive skills training to develop themselves so that they can develop their communities.

In between seminars, participants will be allocated a mentor, and have access to online learning courses and webinars.

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Who Is It For?

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What Costs Are Covered?

Kaplan Fellows @Yesod Community Institute is a highly competitive program and is fully funded by the Kaplan Leadership Initiative, including flights.  However, we expect participation to be treated by employers as time for professional development and an investment in staff, without the requirement for annual leave to be taken. Participants pay travel costs to and from airports and their spending money. All meals and snacks provided will be kosher.

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The current cohort of Kaplan Fellows @Yesod Community Institute runs from May 2017 to October 2018.

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