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Lech Lecha

Yesod spoke with Student Rabbi David Maxa from the Abraham Geiger College in Germany, about the ‘Lech Lecha’ journey and how it applies to Jewish community work.

In his short (15 minute) podcast David focuses on the idea of insecurity and how we can learn to deal with it using the wisdom derived from ‘Lech Lecha’.

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Measuring Success

Once you have set goals, how do you know if you have achieved them? That is where measurement comes in. In Colin’s second short podcast, he emphasizes how important it is to think carefully about measuring the impact of your programs. This is critical for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps you and your colleagues refine and clarify exactly what you are hoping to achieve and why. It pushes you to keep improving your work, and often it is also a central piece of a funding request.

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Settings Aims & Objectives

Yesod spoke with Colin Bulka, Director of JDC Hungary, an experienced Jewish community professional and educator, who shares his experience and theories in this month’s podcast exploring the whys, whats and hows of setting aims and objectives.

Listen to Colin’s podcast together with your team and use our Sefaria source sheet to study Jewish texts about the importance of having shared aims.

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Being Inclusive- B'tzelem Elohim

In this month’s Yesod podcast Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, Director of Jewish Education for Europe for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), teaches how Jewish texts and values offer a structure to make all Jews, no matter the disability, feel included and welcome in our community. Click here to view the accompanying source sheet.

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Diversity and Debate

Faustine Sigal, International Director of Jewish Education for Moishe House, talks about this text and others as she explains how diversity is an opportunity to create open and respectful environments. Listen to Yesod’s exclusive interview with Faustine.

Faustine brings theories that proved successful as she navigates different cultures, personalities and opinions.

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How do we tell a story?

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss asks “How do we tell a story?” and in just 14 minutes presents four different ways that Jewish tradition answers that question in relation to the Purim story (also known as the “Megillah”).

Where does the Purim story begin and what might we be able to leave out? David shows us four approaches to this question that represent four different perspectives on Jewish history and our personal understanding of the Purim story. Listen to the podcast to understand multiple opinions on the meaning of Purim for us today. Download the accompanying source sheet and follow along with the debate.

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Chanukah the Tofu of Jewish Holidays

In just 15 minutes, our engaging podcast will illuminate the different ways our tradition understands the meaning of Chanukah. Download the accompanying source sheet to follow the sources mentioned.

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Yesod Webinars


Yesod has hosted a webinar with the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) on Volunteer Management, that covered the basics about the core issues that should be part of working with volunteers.The webinar is for community professionals and educators interested in an introduction to the topic and learning more about working effectively with volunteers. Click here to see the recording.

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The Global Day of Jewish Learning brings the Jewish people together once a year to celebrate the shared texts through community-based learning. To find out about events near you, to host an event or to access the materials in different languages go to their website.

Watch the recording of the Yesod Webinar: Host a Global Day of Jewish to learn about this free opportunity for your community and a taste of the learning materials.

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