Next deadline: 30 September 2021 and then every two months (see dates below)

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Through this fund Yesod supports Jewish community professionals and educators in Europe to develop their professional skills and knowledge. We are committed to supporting the creation of vibrant, meaningful, Jewish life through strong communities driven by inspired and engaged individuals.

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Scope of support

Funds from $250 (USD) – $2,000 (USD) will be awarded, on a one-time basis, for successful applications from eligible individuals. The funds must be spent within 8 months of receiving fund confirmation from Yesod. Funds will be paid directly to the organization, trainer or coach providing the professional development service. Money will not be given directly to the applicant.

Before applying to the Professional Development Fund, we encourage you to have a consultation with Professional Development Manager, Colin Bulka, to discuss your own or your team’s development needs and next steps. Colin can be contacted on

For Jewish learning and development support, please visit our Jewish Learning Fund for more details and to arrange a consultation.

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Funds will be awarded to Jewish community professionals and educators who:

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Funds can be used for one-to-one learning or group courses, either online or in-person. There are several types of professional development that will be considered within the terms of this fund:

Support for a training course taking place physically in a different country may also be subject to restrictions due to Covid 19. If you are considering a request to train abroad, please discuss this with our Professional Development Manager.

Support for physical travel between countries is currently on hold due to Covid 19. We will update the website when the situation changes. You may still apply for a peer visit but, if approved, it would only be able to take place when we resume support for travel.

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Application process

Deadlines are as follows. Applicants will be contacted with a decision approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline.

Please note: As part of our decision making process, Yesod’s Professional Development Manager may contact you to talk through your application in more detail and to ask additional questions.

30 September 2021 / 8 December 2021 / 31 January 2022 / 31 March 2022 / 31 May 2022 / 31 July 2022

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