Yesod Retreat for Senior Professional Leaders

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The Yesod Retreat for Senior Professional Leaders gathers together a small group of senior Jewish community professionals who lead a Jewish community, Jewish organisation or significant program in their community in Europe.

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Retreat focus

The focus of the Retreat are the “Challenges of Change”, exploring your vision for change in your organizations, and developing new skills that will help you be more effective in implementing change processes; managing and motivating volunteers and allies; developing strategy and more. These concepts will be connected to relevant Jewish learning and ideas.

There will also be time for personal learning, meeting with faculty members individually, networking and learning from your peers. Following the Retreat, participants will be offered the opportunity to receive a series of one-to-one coaching or consultation sessions.

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Further information

All costs of participation including flights are covered by Yesod, except ground costs which will be covered by the participants.

The Retreat will take place in April/May 2018. Application is by invitation only.

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