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How we work

Serving Professionals, Strengthening Communities

We monitor trends and challenges in Europe and the Jewish world, as well as best practices as they emerge in the non-profit sector. We consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our programs, initiatives, and funding. Once we commit to an area of need, we define clear goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

We pride ourselves on the personalised nature of the service we provide. For that reason, we begin every relationship by talking in person with our participants and understanding their unique needs and circumstances.

We’re sensitive to the demands on people’s time and the language and geographical barriers which might make it difficult for people to benefit from everything we offer to the extent they might like. We do everything in our power to ease these constraints and to be as inclusive as possible.

To serve professionals and communities to the best of our ability, and to allocate resources most effectively, we first of all listen to our participants and partners.