Resource of the Month - Cheshvan

Time Out … Not Burn Out

Now is a good time to rest, take a time out and appreciate the quiet. In that spirit, this month’s newsletter focuses on the value of rest. In Jewish terms we call that “Shabbat”.

Shabbat – day of rest

Make time for rest and renewal: The Jewish approach demands that we carve out time for rest and reflection, truly separating ourselves from the never-ending drumbeat of life.

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Respect & Invest: Empower European Jewish Community Professionals Today

Despite recent headlines, and ongoing challenges faced by Jews and Jewish communities in Europe, Jewish life is thriving in many places, fulfilling to those who are engaged, and a phenomenon very much of the present.

Read the full article by Dani Serlin, Yesod Director, published on eJewish Philanthropy to see what we’ve learned from the hundreds of professionals we’ve engaged to date and the areas we can help them flourish and make our communities stronger.

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