Yesod Professional Development Fund - Apply by 2 April 2018Yesod supports Jewish community professionals and educators in Europe to develop their professional skills and Jewish fluency

Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe: Jewish Education Grants Programme

Apply by 20 February 2018

Support to enhance Jewish content in professional development for Jewish community organisations. Open for first stage applications until 20 February 2018.

Please visit the Foundation’s website for details on grants in Academic Jewish Studies, Museums, Archives and Libraries.

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Yesod Podcast: How do we tell a story?

Purim resource

We are delighted to offer you the Yesod podcast focused on the multiple meanings of Purim. Rabbi David Levin-Kruss asks “How do we tell a story?” and in just 14 minutes presents four different ways that Jewish tradition answers that question in relation to the Purim story (also known as the “Megillah”).

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Resource of the Month - Adar

Purim - Keeping the Happiness Alive

This month we celebrate the most happy and fun of all the festivals – Purim! (which starts on Wednesday night February 28th). But you don’t have to wait until Purim for the fun and games to begin!  A Jewish teaching states  “When [the Jewish month of] Adar starts, happiness increases”. So start thinking about happiness right now for you and your colleagues!

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Yesod Podcast: “Diversity and Debate”

Shevat 5778

Faustine Sigal, International Director of Jewish Education for Moishe House, talks about how diversity is an opportunity to create open and respectful environments. Click here to listen to Yesod’s exclusive interview with Faustine.

Faustine brings theories that proved successful as she navigates different cultures, personalities and opinions.

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