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What we do

Serving Professionals, Strengthening Communities

Do you serve in a community professional role?

If so, then we serve you.

We at Yesod Europe believe passionately in you and your community. You are what makes your community special. You and the other incredible people working day in, day out, to promote Jewish values, life, and culture. Without you, it simply wouldn’t be possible to sustain or renew the kinds of events and services which have supported families and communities for generations.

By offering a tailored service, we do our utmost to meet your needs whatever the stage of your career and whatever the role you perform. Besides our own projects, we provide access to local training in local languages, ensuring that neither geography nor time are barriers to your professional growth.

And by enabling you to network with other professionals, across Europe and beyond, we build bridges across national and cultural frontiers. We work with you, together with lay leaders and partner organisations, to unleash your potential to the benefit of the whole community. Through our inclusive approach, which puts Jewish meaning at the heart of community activity, we provide unique opportunities for professional development and applied Jewish learning.

We draw upon 3,000 years of Jewish history and the best of contemporary thought from diverse fields. Timeless wisdom delivered through seminars, funds, meet-ups, and other initiatives, including shared learning and connecting in person and online.

This collaboration enables you as a professional to develop your own abilities, ideas and approaches, whether creating a strategy, building relationships, or producing content and resources for use in your community activities with people of all ages. Yesod Europe’s work is made possible through the generous support of the JDC and the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe.

At Yesod Europe, our vision is of a strong, valued, skilled and connected Jewish community profession with the knowledge, tools and confidence to support and inspire Jewish communal life across Europe.

Our mission is to help European Jewish community professionals to be the best that they can be through a programme of high-quality, dynamic and inspiring individual and collective professional development and Jewish learning.

Community professionals
Jewish educators
Lay leaders & community organisations