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Lay Leaders & Community Organisations

We partner with lay leaders and community organisations throughout Europe.

If you’re a lay leader in your local community or run a national or local Jewish organisation, we’d love to hear from you and explore together how we can support your community professionals.

Every Jewish community has its own unique character and quirks. No one understands that better at a local level than the people who live there and run things.

We work with communities of all shapes, denominations, and sizes – all across the continent of Europe.
Our breadth of experience, together with your intimate knowledge of your own culture and community, frequently enables us to develop tailored programs for your professionals – focusing on your specific needs and what will most benefit your community as a whole.

We want to listen to you and we want to engage with you – because its only by working together that we will secure the strong and vibrant Jewish life in Europe that all of us are so passionate about.

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