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We have compiled a range of resources for you to explore and use in your community work. There are many more out there, so we consider this as a starting point. It’s intended to be helpful when you’re in a hurry and would like to be guided in your search for useful information.

Click on the blocks below to explore our content, including monthly articles and the weekly parsha vlog for you to use in everyday Jewish community life and work. You will also find recommended books to deepen your knowledge and understanding on a range of issues, such as leadership through a Jewish lens, Jewish culture and festivals, and more. You can also bring Jewish learning to your community in a style, topic and language that suits you with a Ma’ayan speaker.

If you would like to talk about finding and accessing a wider range of resources, please do contact us directly.

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Featured resources

Resource of the Month

Timely Jewish content on a range of issues for you to apply in your everyday community activities

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Reading List

Book recommendations to expand your horizons in Jewish leadership, thought, fiction and more

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Parsha Playlist

Short videos by Jewish community professionals which explore the weekly parsha and their lessons for a contemporary context

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Your source for the best Jewish speakers from across Europe

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