Learning & Training Opportunities

Educators Skills Training


Sefaria is a living library of Jewish texts where you can use existing thematic source sheets and create your own. Work with the Sefaria team to improve pedagogy for teaching Jewish texts, build your skills and directly apply your knowledge and training to your work with students.

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M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

M2 develops and provides training and research that enable educators to craft meaningful learning experiences infused with Jewish values and purpose.

A key programme is the Senior Educators Cohort, an international 10-month program involving 3 seminars, providing a cohort of outstanding educators with a holistic approach toward the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education.

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Academic Studies


This part-time distance learning MA is ideal for Jewish educators from a range of backgrounds, who are seeking to explore advanced studies in education. Studies are carried out in English. The final degree is awarded by Middlesex University.

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The courses deals comprehensively with the theory and practice of Jewish education at a high academic level  and are delivered by scholars from the Melton Centre for Jewish Education which has been a centre for research and postgraduate study for over 50 years. This program is conducted in English and can be completed in a single calendar year. It includes two semesters of online courses and an intensive summer semester in Jerusalem.

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School of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam

With the founding of the Potsdam School of Jewish Theology in the fall of 2013, the academic discipline of Jewish Theology was established for the first time at a European institution of higher education.

The BA/MA degree program in Jewish Theology – the only one of its kind in Europe – is open to all interested applicants regardless of their religious affiliation. The scope of material covered by the degree program is extensive: from the Hebrew Bible and the great theological works of the Middle Ages to the thinkers and intellectual debates of modern times. Thus, the BA Program in Jewish Theology not only gives students a basic intellectual grounding in Judaism, but also provides them with critical academic expertise as well as valuable insights into Jewish religious practice. The program places particular emphasis on acquiring solid proficiency in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, so that students can work with texts in their original languages as soon as possible. Another focal point of study is Judaism’s relations with other faiths, particularly Christianity and Islam. The MA Program in Jewish Theology enables students to deepen their knowledge and to embark on further exploration of rabbinical literature as well as specific aspects of Jewish religious history.

For those Jewish students who are considering a career in the rabbinate or cantorate, the comprehensive BA and MA courses are complemented by vocational training programs provided by the Abraham Geiger College (Liberal) and the Zacharias Frankel College (Masorti).

As of 2018 the School of Jewish Theology also offers a BA Program in Jewish Theology with an emphasis on Biblical Archaeology.

For enrollment in the MA Program, German language skills are not required.

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Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden

At the heart of Paideia is the One-Year Jewish Studies Program, dedicated to the study and interdisciplinary interpretation of the textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization. It offers a combination of traditional textual study methodology (hevruta), an academic and critical approach to interpretation, and an applied dimension answering to contemporary needs, making it a unique program in Jewish studies.

The curriculum of the One-Year Jewish Studies Program runs chronologically from Torah and Midrash, through Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Responsa Literature to Modern Jewish Philosophy and Literature, with courses taught by prominent scholars, including leading professors from major Israeli, American and European universities.

As a continuation of the One-Year Program, Paideia and the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien in Heidelberg offer a joint Master’s Program in Jewish Civilizations. Enrolled students in the program can continue their curriculum in Heidelberg and receive a Master of Arts degree from the HfJS.

The program starts in mid-August and finishes at the end of March. 25-30 Fellows, from all over Europe, are elected to the Program each year.

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Supported by the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg (HfjS) is an accredited institution of higher learning that delves into a broad range of research topics within the field of Jewish Studies. With its 10 resident professors working in close cooperation with the University of Heidelberg, the HfJS is a point of dynamic scholarly discussion that incorporates all facets of Jewish religion, history, cultures and societies. While the proximity to the historical heritage of Ashkenaz provides decisive impetus for both academic and religious work at the HfJS, its interest invariably extends beyond to all areas of geography and chronology as to consider Jewish cultures at large.

Open to all students and scholars, regardless of their religious affiliation, the HfjS offers B.A., M.A. and doctoral degree programs in Jewish Studies, as well as strong language training at all levels.

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Beit Midrash & Chavruta Study


Pardes is an open, co-educational and non-denominational Jewish learning community, based in Jerusalem and with programs worldwide. Students encounter and grapple with classic texts and traditions of Judaism, while exploring their relevance to today’s most pressing issues. Pardes empowers students with the knowledge and tools to take ownership of their Jewish experience.

Diversity is at the core of Pardes and students represent a broad spectrum of the Jewish world. While the vast majority of Pardes teachers live their lives in accordance with halakha (Jewish law), they differ from one another in their philosophical, spiritual and practical approaches to Judaism and affiliate with a range of communities.

Pardes offers a range of Jewish learning opportunities, including the Pardes European Leadership Fellowship year or semester programs as well as summer programs and online learning.

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Conservative Yeshiva is a diverse, egalitarian, and engaged learning community in the heart of Jerusalem where you can ask questions, explore and grow, and gain skills for a lifetime. You can study Bible, Talmud, Mishna, Hebrew, Jewish Philosophy and other classical Jewish texts in the original and in depth, but at a level and pace appropriate to the learner. Engagement with modern scholarship, ethics, and social movements is encouraged – and students are expected to bring their “whole selves” to the learning. Immersive semester and year programs are offered, as well as summer schools with some options in French or Spanish.

The student body and faculty feature a wide range of Jewish backgrounds (Reform to Modern Orthodox), nationalities (North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Europe), and ideologies, though all are fundamentally committed to building a single yeshiva community that is inclusive, egalitarian, and promotes social justice.

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Beit Midrash TLV is an intensive 4 month programme in Tel Aviv that offers Jewish learning in English in an egalitarian and pluralistic environment. The programme courses include Talmud, Tanach, Jewish philosophy, and Israeli studies from a secular perspective, as well as a Hebrew Ulpan and social action volunteering. BINA also offers other learning programmes.

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An online platform for chevruta (paired) learning, on a wide range of topics. Project Zug offers a platform in which a pair of students (usually from different countries and paired by Project Zug) study texts that are curated and presented by high-level teachers.

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Lecture Series


L’UNEEJ est une plateforme de cours en ligne universitaires (MOOCS) proposant un programme d’enseignements ouverts à tous et à toutes et couvrant tous les sujets des sciences du judaïsme et des études juives. Les cours sont gratuits. Il y a des thèmes intéressants et variés, enseigné pour la plupart par des professeurs universitaires.

Les champs couverts sont par exemple: l’histoire juive, la littérature hébraïque, la pensée et philosophie, la langue hébraïque (hébreu biblique, rabbinique, moderne), l’écologie et le judaïsme, inter-culturalité et dialogue, ou la psychologie et psychanalyse etc.

Chaque cours se déroule sur une période de 5 à 6 semaines.

Les universités et les écoles créent continuellement des cours qu’ils ajoutent à la plateforme UNEEJ. Les dates de début et de fin des cours sont disponibles sur la page de description de chaque cours.

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Cross-communal and multi-generational grassroots Jewish learning festivals that take place all over Europe and around the world. Limmud provides a platform to engage with different Jews, many opinions, and a large choice of Jewish learning topics in a range of different styles.

See Yesod @Limmud for Yesod sponsorship at Limmud festival UK. Please note UK applicants are not eligible.

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