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Conflict Management at Camp and in Life

Join a Virtual Training Workshop on Wednesday 13 October 2021, 18:00-19:45 CET with Menahem Kanafi

Conflict is part of all personal interaction – but whether it is hurtful and damaging, or empowering and productive depends on how we manage it.

As camp leaders, we are confronted with different sorts of conflict every day – conflict between campers, between staff, between campers and staff – them and us. Conflict does not necessarily mean destroying relationships – that depends on you.

Turning conflict from a destructive clash into an opportunity for growth is a learnable skill which can be applied in as widely varied situations as disputes between campers, through salary negotiations and even nuclear disarmament talks.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn about:

  • Stages of conflict
  • Different conflict management styles and strategies (including your own!)
  • Communication and negotiation skills which will help you diffuse conflict and turn it into an opportunity for strengthening your relationships.

This workshop is for camp unit heads and roshim by invitation only.

NB: the workshop will take place at 18:00-19:45 pm CET (17:00-18:45 UK, 19:00-20:45 Baltics and Bulgaria).

To register for free, click here. The registration form includes a few short questions to help focus the training for those participating.

We will aim to confirm your registration within 3-5 working days. Once allocated a place you will be sent a Zoom link for the session. We encourage you to add this to your calendar.

Please be in touch with us at with any questions.

Ambassador (retired) Menahem Kanafi is a former Israeli ambassador, having served in Europe, Asia, Africa and the UN. He is a master negotiator, who took part in the Oslo II negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians; the peace treaty negotiations between Israel and Jordan; and the negotiations for a German Industry Fund for compensation of Holocaust forced- and slave labourers. He works today as an impartial mediator in international commercial conflicts, and a legal advisor for conflict prevention and management. He was also a counsellor in 1984-85 at a Jewish camp.